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Safe and comfortable parking opportunities

Use the comfort and security of the largest muti-storey car park (1000 parking spaces) around the Königsallee.

The entrance to the Kö Galerie car park is on Grünstraße – you can reach it via Königsallee, Berliner Allee or Huschbergerstraße.

carpark opening hours:

Monday-Saturday: 6am - 11pm
Sunday and Public Holiday: 8.30am - 11pm

For any questions, the parking supervision’s team will be at your service. You can find them directly on the entrance level.

parking fees:

First hour: € 3,00,–
Every commenced hour € 3,-

Daily maximum / lost ticket: € 30,-
Night flat rate (7pm - 11pm) € 3,-

The APCOA parking service will be at your service via telephone, Monday to Saturday, 7:30am to 10:30pm. Please call: (0211) 86 81 665 for questions regarding prices, reservation opportunities etc.

APCOA Autoparking in der Kö Galerie
Königsallee 60
40212 Düsseldorf

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Within the Kö Galerie car park the evopark parking card is available for you. The contact- and cashless access technology makes parking much easier for you. Find all informations on

When you sign up on evopark with the code "EPKG17", the registration fee of 5 € is waived and you get 5 € parking fee for free.