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 we are happy to be back again for all of you! Together we will do everything required in order to guarantee a safe shopping experience in our centers. We have taken numerous measures and kindly ask you to please adhere to the following points!
 Let us be considerate of each other: 

 Many thanks for your support!
 In order to make sure that you can have a relaxed and calmed shopping experience, we have defined numerous preventive measures:
 1. Increased cleaning of frequently used touch points such as door handles, escalator handrails, elevator buttons
 2. Security service monitors compliance with official regulations and sensitizes center visitors to keep their distance
 3. Disinfectant dispensers in entrance areas, restrooms and along the shopping street
 4. Advice on generally valid preventive behavior at center entrances, guard rooms and along the shopping street, these are: obligation to wear a surgical face mask or a highly-protective FFP2 face mask if required by the authorities, observance of distance requirements, advice on regular hand hygiene, recommendation on contactless payment, prudent behavior
 5. Notes on the use of lifts and escalators
 6. Reduction of dwelling zones by reducing the number of seats or ensuring that the distance is maintained
 7. Closure of playgrounds for children
 8. Deactivation of the center WIFI to reduce the stay
 9. Sensitization of the resident tenants to compliance with and implementation of the official regulations
 10. Regular customer information through notices, center website and Facebook
 11. Regular information to rental partners through tenant circulars
 12. If required by the authorities or if necessary: Admission or inflow control as well as routing, queue management in front of the center entrances, separation of entrances and exits, creation of one-way traffic in narrow places

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